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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

As an experienced residential locksmith, we can help you enhance home security

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Lockout Locksmith

Lockout Locksmith

The best local locksmith service by specialists with knowledge and advanced equipment

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Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

We are a reputed lock repair company and we provide emergency services that you need.

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Emergency mobile locksmith service available 24 hours a day

Our locksmiths are experienced in common types of locks. For answers to your questions, please see the list below. We answer your questions about keys and when locks must be changed. Learn what master keys are and why children cannot know the pin of your security lock.

What is a “master key”?

According to our experts working in Fall City, a group of locks are customized so that each lock will need a different key. However, a master key is used to open all locks in that group. In order to allow a master key to open a group of locks, each one in the group must be made by the same manufacturer, or have common key ways.

Can I duplicate keys that are marked “Do not duplicate?”

Locksmiths reserve the right to refuse a request for duplicating a key that is marked “Do Not Duplicate”. However, such a request can be made if a letter of authorization from the key’s owner or supervisor is presented alongside the key in question. Assuming the letter is legitimate, the person picking up the keys will need to fill out a “Request for Restricted Keys” form.

How do I know if the locks need to change?

If the door locks are old, change them even if they seem to be fine. The new security door locks are more reliable according to the specialists of our locksmith contractor in Fall City. You can also understand they are damaged when the key doesn't rotate smoothly or you have trouble locking the door.

Why shouldn't I trust my kids with our lock codes?

Children are innocent and they cannot tell when strangers try to fool them. They may share your home's codes of your security door locks and practically this would be an open invitation to your home. Since it's better to be safe than sorry, keep the codes secret until the children are old enough.

Why do keys rust?

Keys are made of metal and metal without elaboration erodes. If you keep them in clean places and free of moisture, it'll be a long time before they'll rust. Metal erodes even by the air but it's your job to have the locks replaced before you come to this point.

What are the best security tips?

Locksmith Fall City recommends the best possible security locks and the installation of extra security systems and cameras. Lock all doors and windows even during the day. Install good systems in the perimeter of the house, too. Don't share electric door locks codes with anyone and change them often. Occasionally, call us for lock repair.

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